Seniors Athletes and Senior Scholastic Team Members!

 Congrats! You are almost there!! 

We will be taking pictures for senior banners on August 10 & 11th from 630pm-730pm at the high school. 
1. You need to respond by emailing Aimee Kiesewetter at   that you received it and 
A. Yes! I do want a senior banner or 
B. No, thank you.
2. If you choose to have a banner you need to get with your coach to get your uniform.
3. If you cannot make those dates, you need to let me know ASAP. Respond to this email;)
4. If I missed anyone on this email, please let me know!! You know your classmates best!

Please know we do plan to have them hung in the gym this year as we did prior to covid. 
You will receive your banner at the end of the school year... unless see policy below
We do reserve the policy that if you were to quit the team prior to the end of the season , have continuous inelegibity, or any disciplinary action against you resulting in dismissal from the team (No action will be required if the season ends due to elements out of your control ie: Covid-19) the booster club will ask to be reimbursed for the cost of your banner.
See you on the 10th!!
Aimee Kiesewetter   
Henry-Senachwine Athletic Booster Club