February 11, 2021

Boys and Girls Basketball, Cheer and Dance Parents and Guardians

This email is intended for those parents/guardians that have a student that is part of one of our extra-curricular programs this winter:  Boys Basketball, Girls, Basketball, and/or Cheer/Dance.

Beginning with the Boys Basketball game this Saturday, February 13th, we are looking to get some parents in the building to see your students participate in their respective activity. This is applicable to HOME CONTESTS ONLY. Please note that we are limited to about 16 seats (8 households) each game due to our gym size and dimensions as well as IDPH and IHSA policies and procedures.    

I will personally call a parent/guardian from each household beginning with our upper class participants regarding our process this afternoon, time permitting. It may be tomorrow before you are contacted. In-person attendance will be scheduled on a rotating basis. With our current numbers I feel like we will be able to get you in the building for at least a couple of games. If you are not selected to attend this Saturday's game, you will more than likely be selected for the next game. 

If you are a parent/guardian of Girls Basketball, you will not be contacted until next week as your next home contest isn't until Monday, February 22nd. 

Spectators for both Boys and Girls games will be scheduled accordingly regarding whether your student is on the Fresh/Soph squad or the Varsity group. When scheduled for a game, the total number of spectators is 2 individuals (this may be mom/dad, dad/grandma, mom/baby, mom/aunt, dad/brother, etc.). Families that have participants that play or participate at both levels, may have to make a choice of which game they will be attending. Please remember that games will continue to be live streamed. 

If you are a parent/guardian of a Dance Team Member, you are welcome to come and watch your student dance at halftime of each contest. Upon arrival, you will be stationed in the Auditorium until it is time for you to enter the gymnasium. After the performance, you will need to exit the building. 

Spectators will be required to:

  • Wear a mask which covers both your mouth and nose

  • Sign in and be temp and symptom checked  by HSHS staff 

  • Sit in designated areas until the end of the contest

  • Follow all HSHS and IHSA rules and regulations regarding Athletic/Activity Contest

  • Leave the building at the conclusion of the scheduled contest

*Due to our continued efforts to keep everyone safe, failure to comply with rules and procedures above may prohibit one’s attendance at future events.*

Thank you for your continued patience and support during this pandemic.

Dr. Jon D. Hill

Principal, Henry-Senachwine High School