Dear Henry-Senachwine Families:

Given the recent announcement from the Illinois Department of Public Health (IDPH) , Illinois High School Association (IHSA), and Illinois Elementary School Association (IESA), school athletics and extracurriculars are able to return under the Restore Illinois All Sports Policy.  This announcement allows our students to participate in athletics and extracurriculars, in a modified form.  As we begin athletics and activities this week, we wanted to provide an update on a few items:

  1. Masks will be required of all student-athletes while participating and for all game personnel not participating.

  2. Social distancing of 6-feet will be allowed for all participants and personnel not actively exercising or involved in the sporting activity.  

  3. There will be no spectators allowed at games and events, as the All Sports Policy outlines minimum guidelines requiring at least 30 feet of distance between the spectators and the participants.  Our gyms do not allow for this length of social distance.

  4. Individuals should not attend away events, as host schools will be reserving any space possible for the home team.

  5. Basketball and volleyball games will be live streamed for viewing.  A link will be provided to you via our website.  

  6. Continue to monitor your student’s health and conduct COVID-19 symptom checks.  Please be sure students stay home if sick and notify the school if students are displaying COVID-19 symptoms.

We are excited about Henry-Senachwine students having the opportunity in the coming weeks to participate in school athletics and activities, even though in a modified format.  We will continue to monitor any new guidance and information and provide you with pertinent updates.  As we get back into athletics and activities, please contact your child’s school if you have any questions.  Thank you for your continued patience and support.