Post-Secondary Plans

Post-Secondary Planning Tools:

Something to think about when making plans after high school:

"Success in the New Economy" -

Illinois State Universities - At a Glance 2020-2021- College admission requirements for Illinois State schools can be found here!

Career Cruising (email: for initial login information)

Big Future See how your AP scores of 3 or higher will transfer to the school of your choice. See how your dual credit courses will transfer to another school. Enter your coursework and search for matches or see Mrs. Self and she can let you know through her account.


Virtual College Visits

Programs at ICC (Illinois Central College)

Programs at Illinois Valley Community College

OSF College of Nursing - High School Early Admissions - deadline  Sept. 10

Best Trade Schools

College Affordability Resources

Illinois Student Assistance Commission:

Brady Junk, ISACorp Member (Illinois Central Community College District) Illinois Student Assistance Commission Phone: 309-830-0229

  • You may also text with ISAC college mentors to get answers for questions you may have about getting to college or about financial aid. Simply text your name to 309-306-7066 or go to

Career Link - Tami Rouse, Marshall County Case Manager |